Powering Visual Radio.

Rapid allows radio stations to automatically collect, and manually create, rich visual content, and to publish it on digital radio and FM, online and mobile platforms.

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Rapid can publish everything from simple now playing text to rich visual slideshows.


Rapid is the most popular visual radio publishing tool in the world,
and used by major broadcasters across the globe.


Import content from multiple sources - from automation systems to XML and social media feeds - and manage it within Rapid. Where can I import content from?


Composer lets you create rich interactive content formats with Message Builder, and to include dynamic content from Sources.

With all your content in one place, Composer also allows you to create rules for validating content, prioritising it, and deciding if and where it should be published to.


Publisher supports simultaneous publishing of content - whether manually-created or automatically-imported - to all major digital and radio formats, including FM, DAB+, and social media. Where can I publish to?

In addition to publishing to 'live' destinations, Publisher can be used as a mechanism for backing up data to other outputs.


Live gives station presenters and DJs the power to quickly compose and publish adhoc visual content, allowing for cases such as when automated now playing data is not available.


View and manage your station’s lineup and programme schedule, and publish it to EPG destinations.

The EPG plugin comes bundled with Scheduler, and allows you to create EPG information in a variety of output formats, including the DAB+ EPG specifications (ETSI TS 102818 and ETSI TS 102371).

Suited To Your Needs

Rapid scales from importing from a single data source, and publishing to a single destination, to a full content management and publishing solution for multiple stations.

Easy Setup

Rapid’s web-based client makes it easy to deploy across an entire organisation, and means that you can have it up-and-running in minutes, not days.


Rapid’s failover system means that there’s always an up-to-date backup server, with your configuration and content, ready to carry on creating and publishing content if something goes wrong.